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The Apple Jacks wish to thank all of the businesses and patrons for their loyal support this past season. We are very fortunate to have the sponsorship of businesses who believe in our program and graciously support our cause. To those who buy our raffle tickets, attend our fundraisers and contribute door prizes for our events we are truly grateful. You are a very important part of our hockey club. Without your assistance we would not be able to offer the type of program we present to our players. To our fantastic fans and followers, thank you for your cheers, signs, noise and encouragement. We have one of the best fan bases in the league and we look forward to providing you with lots of excitement in 2014 - 2015. To the executive, GM, coaching staff, trainers, scouts, front end workers and volunteers the Jacks do not exist without you. You have all stepped up and worked diligently. These positions are at times frustrating and draining but you all dug in and provided another excellent season. Thank you. Our Junior Jacks were the spearhead of our advertising. They certainly generated lots of smiles and ahs. Great job little ones (moms and dads too). The Jacks this year were fortunate to have a fantastic group of parents. Thank you for the time and effort you put forth every game, every event, every fundraiser. You did so without a word of discontent. It was a pleasure working with you. Finally to our players. Thanks guys for a great season. Things didn't quite go our way but it was a memorable season in it's own right. Many new friendships were forged and many life lessons were learned. Thank you all for your efforts this past season.



The following link outlines the registration fee schedule for players. The fee comes into effect once you have been selected for the team. The fee is due upon the signing of your player card.



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